Kuali team at axe throwing Employees at a Utah vista
Every year we have a company-wide, in-person retreat that includes a variety of activities for all types of people.
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LOL “culture,” amirite?

So many companies talk about culture in terms of foosball, snacks, and parties. Sure, we have that stuff too, but, to us, it’s not what makes a great employee experience. We are guided by our cultural values. And we value autonomy above all else. We like to hire amazing people and get the heck out of their way.

Real culture is the kind that makes you proud of what you do and who you do it with.

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Kuali employees eating together
We’re pretty big fans of food and food-related activities around here.
Kuali employees playing golf
People call it “team building” but “team playing” is more accurate.

Work where you want

No meeting wednesdays

Employer-paid insurance premiums

Stock options

The pros outweigh the cons

Membership has its perks

Kuali offers a truly exceptional benefits package including full premium medical and dental coverage for employee and their dependents. We offer generous 401(k) matching, employee revenue sharing, and all the paid time off you need. We are a flex-work company and are both co-located and remote. Oh, and we’ve been voted a top place to work for the last three years by the Salt Lake Tribune. Not too shabby.

Salt Lake Tribune Top Workplaces 2016, 2017
Getting real

Kuali cultural values

Kuali has 6 official cultural values and an extra unofficial one (“make mistakes”). We talk about these all the time. They’re connected to our peer bonuses and they’re used to set the bar for how we treat each other. And they work. They’re not just some lame manifesto collecting virtual “cyber” space dust.

Our values define us